Are We In a Depression?

One of the questions that seems to be popular since the economic events of 2008 is whether we are in a Depression.  As such, for the next few posts I will be commenting on the topic. Here are two links that indicate that we are not in a Depression: Yet, as indicated in this … Read more Are We In a Depression?

The Global Economic Future

One of the questions I received when I first started this blog is why I didn’t choose to discuss the global economic future, as opposed to America’s Economic Future. This is a good question.  In essence, I do believe its focus is on the global economic future, as not only is the United States (obviously) the … Read more The Global Economic Future

Current Economic Forecasts

It seems as if there appears to be a growing consensus among private and public sector economists regarding economic forecasts; that of slightly positive third-quarter GDP growth, which gradually improves going forward; as well as a peak in unemployment around 10%. This is reflected in the latest (June) Wall Street Journal Economic Forecasting survey : In the survey, … Read more Current Economic Forecasts

Managing Economic Uncertainty

A couple of days ago I posted excerpts of a speech by Ben Bernanke in which he outlines various reasons for inherent uncertainty and difficulty in economic predictions and forecasts. It appears that ever since the start of The Financial Crisis, in early 2007, it has been very difficult for forecasters to accurately predict economic performance.   For those interested, I have compiled … Read more Managing Economic Uncertainty

Businesses and Economic Stress

My analyses indicate that, unfortunately, businesses will continue to face very challenging conditions. Many already find themselves in rather perilous circumstances, as witnessed by the number and breadth (across industries) of companies experiencing double-digit revenue declines, not to mention innumerable other statistics. On a couple of occasions I have written about the conditions that businesses face during … Read more Businesses and Economic Stress

Consumer-Led Recovery Story

This story, “On Borrowed Time : Consumer-Led Recovery” was in The Wall Street Journal on June 9.  I found the chart and its implications to be interesting.  One is led to wonder “how much gas is left in the tank” with regard to Household Debt as a Percentage of Disposable Income.  This is  especially an issue with “Income” and … Read more Consumer-Led Recovery Story

Green Shoots

I find it interesting that the term “Green Shoots” seems to have been eradicated in any official government comments regarding the economy.  I am not sure why this is so, as the term itself seems rather innocuous. There must be a reason for its demise, however… SPX at 907.07 as this post is written

Ben Bernanke – Notable Speech Passages

For those who didn’t read Ben Bernanke’s Commencement Address to The Boston College School of Law on May 22, I would like to highlight a few passages.  I found the passages below informative and telling; I will let them speak for themselves, and might refer back to them in future posts.  The entire speech can be … Read more Ben Bernanke – Notable Speech Passages