Persistent U.S. Federal Budget Deficits

In various posts as well as seen in the “America’s Trojan Horse” discussion, I have discussed various aspects of both the federal deficit and federal debt.  Both of these issues remain highly problematical in many ways.  At the same time, many aspects of the problems and their future implications lack recognition, either partially or fully. … Read more Persistent U.S. Federal Budget Deficits

Impact Of Interest Rates On The Federal Debt Interest Payments

On March 12, The Wall Street Journal published an editorial titled “Uncle Sam’s Teaser Rate.”  The subtitle is “Low interest rates disguise the federal debt bomb.” I find this editorial notable as it highlights a variety of important issues that lack recognition, including the refinancing schedule of U.S. Treasury debt, the sensitivity of debt interest … Read more Impact Of Interest Rates On The Federal Debt Interest Payments

The Economic Future For Young Americans

On May 2 Gallup had a release titled “In U.S., Optimism About Future for Youth Reaches All-Time Low.” Although the entire release is worth reading, I found the following excerpts to be particularly notable: Forty-four percent of Americans believe it is likely that today’s youth will have a better life than their parents, even fewer … Read more The Economic Future For Young Americans

Economically Counterproductive Policies – Incandescents

In the March 28, 2011 edition of Forbes, Steve Forbes wrote an article titled “Ban Bulb Lunacy.” An online caption of the article reads “Next year the federal government begins the phaseout of traditional incandescent lightbulbs, giving us yet another enlightening example of politicians short-circuiting free markets.” In the article, Steve Forbes says “This prohibition of … Read more Economically Counterproductive Policies – Incandescents

Warren Buffett – “America’s best days lie ahead”

From time to time I post comments from Warren Buffett.  I find his perspectives interesting,  notable, and very unique, although in many cases I (at least) partially disagree with his thoughts. His latest “Chairman’s Letter” in the Berkshire Hathaway 2010 Annual Report contained some interesting comments regarding the American economy, both past and future.  Here … Read more Warren Buffett – “America’s best days lie ahead”

Economic Impact Of Policies

On May 18 The Wall Street Journal had an article on a new lead-paint law titled “New Lead-Paint Law Heavy on Budgets.” This law serves as a good example of an important issue I wrote of in my May 2009 article “America’s Economic Future – ‘Greenfield’ or ‘Brownfield’?” In that article I wrote of the … Read more Economic Impact Of Policies

Largest Employers

Crain’s recently came out with their list of the largest Chicago-area employers.  What I found notable was that the top 5 employers are various government entities (federal, state and local). Of course, this situation is not unique to the Chicago area.  Many states have a large percentage of their total jobs as government jobs. While … Read more Largest Employers

America’s Economic Future – A Comment

Those familiar with this blog know that I believe (based off of my overall analysis) that our current purported economic recovery is not sustainable. As I have indicated in previous writings, we as a nation need to be more “strategic” in nature if we are to attain true Sustainable Prosperity. One critical question that we … Read more America’s Economic Future – A Comment

America’s Economic Future

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, here is a passage from Larry Summers’ March 13, 2009 speech that speaks of the importance of economic strength in achieving broader societal goals: “Our single most important priority is bringing about economic recovery and ensuring that the next economic expansion, unlike it’s predecessors, is fundamentally sound and not … Read more America’s Economic Future

The Global Economic Situation

On this blog, I have maintained a focus on the U.S. economy.  I have done so for a variety of reasons, many of which are explained in this June 21 2009 post: Additionally, from a practical perspective, from a time standpoint it would be prohibitive to attempt to comment on all global economic affairs that I consider relevant. … Read more The Global Economic Situation