Are We Going Into A Depression?

Please note – some might find this post disturbing I would like to provide an overall update as to my thoughts on our current economic situation. First, however, a brief recap of what others think of our current economic situation (details of which can be found under the “Economic Forecasts” and “Stock Market” categories on the right-hand … Read moreAre We Going Into A Depression?

More On The FDIC Situation

On August 7th I posted some commentary titled “The FDIC Situation.”  Here is a story from The Wall Street Journal that does a good job of summarizing the situation there: One of the statistics of interest: “The FDIC’s insurance fund, which guards $6.2 trillion in U.S. deposits, fell to $10.4 billion at the quarter’s … Read moreMore On The FDIC Situation

President Obama’s Remarks on Ben Bernanke

On Tuesday President Obama made remarks upon nominating Ben Bernanke for a second term as Fed Chairman.  The remarks can be found here: I would like to comment on some of the phrases President Obama used in these remarks. President Obama says, “The man next to me, Ben Bernanke, has led the Fed through … Read morePresident Obama’s Remarks on Ben Bernanke

The Latest 10-Year Budget Projection

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal came out with a story titled “A Decade of Debt” that can be found at this link: It discusses the latest 10-year budget projections that amount to a cumulative addition of $9 Trillion in debt. I would like to briefly comment on this latest budget projection: As seen in the … Read moreThe Latest 10-Year Budget Projection

The CRE Problem

I would like to highlight an article from last Thursday titled, “Second Wave of the Credit Crisis: Collapsing Commercial Real Estate”  It can be found at this link: The article gives a good summary of the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) situation as well as makes other interesting observations. CRE is yet another huge, menacing … Read moreThe CRE Problem

Expanding Upon Two Concepts

I would like to briefly expand on a couple of points I made in my recently posted “America’s Trojan Horse” article (which can be found listed along the right-hand side of the main page.) First, I wrote, “There also appears to be a growing insensitivity to higher deficits and debts.”  This is alarming, as sums  of … Read moreExpanding Upon Two Concepts

The Importance Of Dealing With Problems Early

During his July 22 Press Conference, President Obama said healthcare is “a problem that Washington has failed to solve for decades.” Unfortunately, the healthcare problem isn’t the only problem that has been “brewing” for a long time.  It is imperative that problematical issues are dealt with effectively when they are in their early stages.  Otherwise, … Read moreThe Importance Of Dealing With Problems Early