April 5, 2016 Gallup Poll Results On Economic Confidence – Notable Excerpts

On April 5, 2016 Gallup released the poll results titled “U.S. Economic Confidence Index Edges Up to -10 in March.”

Notable excerpts include:

Americans were slightly more confident in the economy in March than they were in February; however, their confidence has not drastically changed in the past nine months. Gallup’s U.S. Economic Confidence Index averaged -10 in March, up slightly from -13 in February and on the high end of the -10 to -14 range found since July.


Gallup’s index is the average of two components: how Americans rate current economic conditions and whether they feel the economy is getting better or getting worse. Both of these components increased slightly in March from February.

In March, the current conditions score was -3, up from -5 the previous month. This was the result of 26% of Americans rating current economic conditions in the U.S. as “excellent” or “good,” and 29% rating them as “poor.” Americans continue to view current economic conditions more favorably than their outlook of the economy, as they have since March 2015. In the most recent polling, 39% of Americans said the economy was “getting better,” while 56% said it was “getting worse.” This resulted in an economic outlook score of -17, up from -20 in February.

Here is an accompanying chart of the two components of the Gallup Economic Confidence Index, discussed above:

Gallup Economic Confidence Index Components

Here is an accompanying chart of the Gallup Economic Confidence Index:

Gallup U.S. Economic Confidence chart



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