Danger In The Markets? Part III

Moving on to the stock market.  First, a 1-year daily chart of the S&P500.  Although at first glance, the advance from the March lows doesn’t appear too suspect, two aspects are notable.  One can see that currently the price has dipped below the 50 day moving average (line seen in blue -the red line is … Read more Danger In The Markets? Part III

Danger In The Markets? Part II

Before displaying some charts of the stock market, I would like to post a couple of the Japanese Yen.  My comment of September 14 is relevant today: “Additionally, is it not odd, on an “all things considered” basis, that the Japanese Yen is rising at what appears to be an increasing rate?  This rise commenced in mid-2007, as … Read more Danger In The Markets? Part II

Danger In The Markets? Part I

This series of blog posts represents a periodic Technical Analysis of the markets.  My last series of posts (5 parts) of this nature was titled “Peril In The Markets?” and started September 13.  At the conclusion of that series of posts, I wrote this blog post summarizing my thoughts: https://www.economicgreenfield.com/2009/09/17/extreme-peril-in-the-stock-market/ Although a stock market crash did not … Read more Danger In The Markets? Part I

The “Crowded Trade” Concept

Here is a story from Friday on CNBC.com that caught my interest: http://www.cnbc.com/id/33339374 It is titled “Stocks, Gold Are Crowded Trades: Hugh Hendry” I found it interesting for two main reasons.  First, it discusses the concept of the “Crowded Trade.”  This is a phrase that isn’t often heard these days.  Nonetheless, I think the concept is … Read more The “Crowded Trade” Concept

Phenomenal Investment Opportunities

It is my belief that there will be many phenomenal investment opportunities arising in the near and intermediate future.   Many more than during an  average time period. However, I am also of the belief that they will be harder to “realize” for a variety of reasons.  Of course, the main prerequisite is having sufficient funds available … Read more Phenomenal Investment Opportunities

The Changing Investment Climate

Here is a link to an interesting White Paper from Guy Haselmann of Gregoire Capital, dated August 2009: http://www.gregoirecapital.com/HF%20Outlook%208-09.pdf I found it interesting because it discusses a variety of very important concepts such as investment flexibility, market dislocations, inflation vs. deflation, diversification, hedge fund operating risk, etc.   SPX at 1063.22 as this post is written

The “Buy and Hold” Philosophy

Here is a story from CNBC.com on September 23: “Buy-and-Hold Investing Makes A Return After Turbulent Year” http://www.cnbc.com/id/32970487 I am not a fan of the “Buy and Hold” philosophy, although I will concede that it worked (very) well, generally speaking, during the 20th Century. As far as the present and future is concerned, I wrote … Read more The “Buy and Hold” Philosophy

Gold Below $1000

With Gold now below $1000, I would like to call attention to a post of September 4 titled “Gold and Implications.”  Here is the link: https://www.economicgreenfield.com/2009/09/04/gold-and-implications/ I think that Gold below $1000, after having failed to hold above this level, is very significant. Also significant is the number of people who have been predicting a … Read more Gold Below $1000

Extreme Peril In The Stock Market

Please note – some might find this post disturbing In this post I will summarize my thoughts on the markets, particularly the stock market.  As has been the case since the Economic Crisis began, any stock market weakness will most likely be mirrored in a variety of other markets as well, such as commodities, credit, etc. … Read more Extreme Peril In The Stock Market