Another Ponzi Scheme

I have been intermittently commenting upon the growing number of investment frauds being uncovered.   Those posts can be found under the “investment frauds” tag. Here is yet another alleged Ponzi scheme as seen in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal article titled “SEC Charges Couple in Florida Ponzi Scheme.” As seen in the article, this alleged scheme … Read more Another Ponzi Scheme

Two Other Views Of The Gold Price

I find a periodic review of Gold’s price relative to the Dow Jones Industrials’ and to Crude Oil’s interesting. Below is a long-term monthly chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average price relative to that of Gold’s.  As one can see, Gold has been outperforming since roughly 2001, after underperforming from roughly 1981-2000: chart courtesy … Read more Two Other Views Of The Gold Price

4Q Corporate Revenues

I have been looking at the revenue figures posted for a variety of diversified manufacturers and distributors.  These are well-respected, S&P500 firms. One would expect these firms to be posting decent revenue gains, especially as compared to the very weak year-ago period (4Q2008).  Additionally, these firms stand to benefit from the prevailing economic climate due … Read more 4Q Corporate Revenues

Ponzi Schemes

Occasionally I have written about investment frauds.  My last post on this topic was on November 27 and is found here: Here is a story from December 28 titled “Ponzi collapses nearly quadrupled in ’09”: While I find this article’s statistics to be of interest, I do not necessarily agree with some of its … Read more Ponzi Schemes

2010 S&P500 Earnings Projections

Tommorrow’s Barron’s cover story has forecasts provided by 12 strategists and investment managers.   I would like to highlight their S&P500 earnings forecasts for 2010.  As seen on page 28, the average of the 12 stated forecasts is $75.75. From what I have seen, this $75 level is very common among forecasters, and as such seems like the predominant forecast for … Read more 2010 S&P500 Earnings Projections

US Dollar and S&P500 Comments

Here are two charts that I find notable. The first is the daily chart of the US Dollar.  I have added the 50-day moving average.  As one can see, the trend seems to be “up.”  This increase, if sustained, will pressure the US Dollar carry trade and that would likely have an outsized negative impact on various markets: … Read more US Dollar and S&P500 Comments

Article On Asset Price Bubbles

In my opinion, the existence of asset price bubbles is of paramount importance. I have recently written a few posts on the subject.  I would now like to comment on a Wall Street Journal article from Monday titled “Economists Warn of Asset-Price Bubbles.”  Here is the link: First, I would like to reiterate that I … Read more Article On Asset Price Bubbles

S&P500 Downtrend And 50% Retracement

The following chart shows a Weekly Log Chart of the S&P500 from 2007.  I have drawn a trendline from the October 2007 highs as well as a retracement indicator from the March 2009 bottom of ~666.  (Please note that the trendline and retracement both might be off by a “hair,” but this is relatively immaterial … Read more S&P500 Downtrend And 50% Retracement