What Is The Stock Market “Telling” Us?

With the stock market (as seen in the S&P500) recently near the 1020 level, there is no debating that the rally since the early March lows of 666 has been a very strong one.  Also, there have been very strong rallies in other markets as well (Nasdaq, Emerging Markets, Debt Markets, etc.) Below is the 1-Year Daily … Read more What Is The Stock Market “Telling” Us?

Median Duration of Unemployment

I think the following chart is one that surely deserves attention: (click on chart image to enlarge) Source: St. Louis Federal Reserve It shows the Median Duration of Unemployment.  One notices the trajectory of the chart during our current period of economic weakness. Although I have reservations as to how the data on this chart … Read more Median Duration of Unemployment

New Article: “America’s Trojan Horse”

I just posted a new article titled “America’s Trojan Horse.”  The subtitle is “A Different Look At The National Debt.”  It can be found under the “Pages” section along the right-hand side, as well as at this link: https://www.economicgreenfield.com/americas-trojan-horse/ The article goes well with many of the themes presented on this blog, including Sustainable Prosperity, America’s Economic … Read more New Article: “America’s Trojan Horse”

Double-Digit Revenue Declines

The August 17 edition of Business Week, p19 had a column titled “A Record Revenue Decline.”  It can be found here at the bottom of the page: http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/09_33/c4143btw375952.htm?chan=magazine+channel_the+business+week This line is especially noteworthy: “This marks the first time since S&P started tracking quarterly revenues (in 1993) that revenues dipped 10% or more for three quarters in … Read more Double-Digit Revenue Declines

Debunking A Popular Phrase

One of the phrases that I have heard innumerable times is that our current period of economic weakness “isn’t as bad as The Great Depression because during The Great Depression unemployment was at 25%.” While I have commented repeatedly on this blog that I don’t believe we should be equating our current economic condition to that of … Read more Debunking A Popular Phrase

The Hyperinflation Theme

One of the more prevalent themes mentioned has been the possibility, or probability, of hyperinflation.  Hyperinflation is often mentioned due to the degree of “money pumping” and other intervention measures that have occurred in the last two years to combat this period of economic weakness. However, despite all of the predictions of hyperinflation, there appears to … Read more The Hyperinflation Theme

Martin Feldstein’s “Underwater” Mortgage Plan – My Comments

In the Saturday edition of The Wall Street Journal, there is an op-ed from Martin Feldstein titled “How to Save an ‘Underwater’ Mortgage.” The editorial provides a good summary of the numbers behind “Underwater” mortgages.  Also, I think the article is beneficial in that it highlights the problem of mortgage defaults and foreclosures, and how “Underwater” mortgages … Read more Martin Feldstein’s “Underwater” Mortgage Plan – My Comments

“Underwater” Mortgages and “Strategic” Defaults

This article caught my interest; it is titled “About half of U.S. mortgages seen underwater by 2011”: http://www.reuters.com/article/companyNewsAndPR/idUSN0526831020090805 Apparently their projections for “underwater” mortgages is based upon their forecast quoted in the article: “Covering 100 U.S. metropolitan areas, Deutsche Bank in June forecast home prices would fall 14 percent through the first quarter of 2011, … Read more “Underwater” Mortgages and “Strategic” Defaults

Coming Soon – “Cash for Sneakers”?

Perhaps some have seen a recent Wall Street Journal editorial that commented on the economics and logic of the “Cash for Clunkers” program; it is subtitled “Let’s have a $4,500 subsidy for everything” and can be found here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204313604574326531645819464.html In one of the articles I have written, titled “Intervention’s Potential Blindspots” which is listed halfway … Read more Coming Soon – “Cash for Sneakers”?