Article of Note on the Foreclosure Crisis

I found the following article to be of interest.  It is titled “New Evidence on the Foreclosure Crisis” and is found in The Wall Street Journal, p A13, July 3-5, at this link: While I can’t verify his analysis, the article is worth reading. I don’t agree with all of his conclusions, especially his remark that … Read more Article of Note on the Foreclosure Crisis

Another Interesting New Index

I came across a new index that seems interesting. It is called the Dow Jones Economic Sentiment Indicator.  Details can be found here: The only comment I want to make on it at this time is that I find it of interest as it employs a different methodology.  I plan on monitoring this index. … Read more Another Interesting New Index

Driving Around The Chicago Area…

Two things that seem especially noticeable when driving around the Chicago metro area are the amount of retail vacancies, and the poor physical conditions of the roads.  Both are very visible testaments to this period of economic hardship. Of course, it varies by location, but to generalize there is a lot of vacant retail space.  It … Read more Driving Around The Chicago Area…

James Hamilton’s Comment on Ben Bernanke

I found this blog post from James Hamilton to be interesting: especially when he says this: “But it is another matter to question Bernanke’s intellect or personal integrity. As someone who’s known him for 25 years, I would place him above 99.9% of those recently in power in Washington on the integrity dimension, not … Read more James Hamilton’s Comment on Ben Bernanke

Another “The Worst May Soon Be Over” Forecast

The following story recently (June 25) ran in The Wall Street Journal: “OECD Says The Worst May Soon Be Over For The Global Economy” This conclusion, that “the worst may soon be over” and that recovery will quickly follow,  seems to be extremely widely held among forecasters, as documented elsewhere (such as the June … Read more Another “The Worst May Soon Be Over” Forecast

Is The Stock Market Rally a ‘Validation’?

As seen in the Fortune story of June 15 titled “Economy in ‘early stages of repair’”: “The stock market’s rally serves as “broad validation” of the Obama administration’s financial rescue efforts, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said Monday.” While ostensibly this is correct, and commonly-held theory states that a stock market rally would precede an economic … Read more Is The Stock Market Rally a ‘Validation’?

The Madoff Fraud – Are There More?

Here is the latest update on the Madoff sentencing from CNBC: A few months ago, I wrote an article titled “Crime During Economic Stress,” that is listed under the “Individuals” section (about halfway down the page) here: One of the questions that I have is whether there are more frauds in existence that haven’t yet … Read more The Madoff Fraud – Are There More?

Is Ben Bernanke a “Hero”?

Recently various people have given high marks and effusive praise for Ben Bernanke’s performance during the Financial Crisis.  Here is a sampling: “Bernanke’s Handling of US Crisis Gets Strong Mark” :   From Jack Welch: “I think he saved the system, I think he’s a national hero,” Welch said. “I think Bernanke seems to be a guy … Read more Is Ben Bernanke a “Hero”?

A Conflict of Interest?

I found this story in The Washington Post, from June 11, to be rather interesting: “Lawmakers Invested in Bailed-Out Firms” : I would have assumed there are rules that expressly prohibit such a conflict of interest.  If not, perhaps a recusal would be appropriate? SPX at 918.90 as this post is written