Poverty And The Wealth Disparity

I find it interesting that we constantly see stories concerning the “highest paid” and wealthiest people of society and how much money they are making.  However, when it comes to the other end of the spectrum, how many stories and statistics do we see about such things as those living in poverty, the wealth disparity, … Read morePoverty And The Wealth Disparity

More On The FDIC Situation

On August 7th I posted some commentary titled “The FDIC Situation.”  Here is a story from The Wall Street Journal that does a good job of summarizing the situation there: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB125137695691263385.html?mod=djemalertNEWS One of the statistics of interest: “The FDIC’s insurance fund, which guards $6.2 trillion in U.S. deposits, fell to $10.4 billion at the quarter’s … Read moreMore On The FDIC Situation

The Latest 10-Year Budget Projection

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal came out with a story titled “A Decade of Debt” that can be found at this link: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB125119686015756517.html It discusses the latest 10-year budget projections that amount to a cumulative addition of $9 Trillion in debt. I would like to briefly comment on this latest budget projection: As seen in the … Read moreThe Latest 10-Year Budget Projection

The Importance Of Dealing With Problems Early

During his July 22 Press Conference, President Obama said healthcare is “a problem that Washington has failed to solve for decades.” Unfortunately, the healthcare problem isn’t the only problem that has been “brewing” for a long time.  It is imperative that problematical issues are dealt with effectively when they are in their early stages.  Otherwise, … Read moreThe Importance Of Dealing With Problems Early

“Quick Fixes” To Balance State Budgets

I wanted to briefly comment on this recent (July 17) Wall Street Journal article that mentions how Illinois and California are working to “balance” their budgets: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124776520979752661.html The article brings to mind a term that I have used before, “quick fixes.”  Sadly, some of the means by which these budgets are apparently being balanced might … Read more“Quick Fixes” To Balance State Budgets

Clarification of a Phrase

I would like to quickly clarify a phrase I have been using on this blog… The phrase is “this period of economic weakness.” The reason I use the term is that, as I have explained in this prior post: https://www.economicgreenfield.com/2009/06/22/are-we-in-a-depression/ that our current economic environment is difficult to classify.  Furthermore, it is a very fluid situation that can … Read moreClarification of a Phrase

False Signs of Recovery in Recessions

On July 16, I wrote the following: “During periods of economic decline, it is relatively common to have periods of “relief” from decline – then a resumption of further decline. This is what I believe we are experiencing now, both in the economy as well as the stock market rally (which I have previously referred … Read moreFalse Signs of Recovery in Recessions