Financial Terms That Have Fallen Out of Use

I find it interesting that certain financial and economic terms seem to have completely fallen out of use, especially in the press.  Among these I would include “Quality of Earnings” and “Fiduciary Responsibility.” As well, “Moral Hazard” is still used but surprisingly much less than one would think.  It seems to be on the way out. What is the … Read moreFinancial Terms That Have Fallen Out of Use

“First Time of Adversity” Effect

There was a recent article in The Wall Street Journal titled “Detroit’s Food Banks Strain to Serve Middle Class”: One aspect that caught my attention was the mention of people who are receiving aid for the first time.  In fact, the story points out that some people who used to be donors to the … Read more“First Time of Adversity” Effect

Various Characteristics of Today’s Economy

I would like to mention an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, titled “The Economy Is Even Worse Than You Think.” I found the article does a good job of highlighting certain characteristics of this period of economic weakness. These characteristics reinforce a theme mentioned previously on this blog, that we are in a “new (economic) environment.” … Read moreVarious Characteristics of Today’s Economy

Warren Buffett’s July 9 Interviews

I Warren Buffett’s July 9th interview on CNBC  to be interesting, especially when he says: “And it’s very important the economy gets, comes back.  It will come back.  Government has less influence on how fast that happens than a lot of people would like to hope that it would.  But government is a player, … Read moreWarren Buffett’s July 9 Interviews

Article of Note on the Foreclosure Crisis

I found the following article to be of interest.  It is titled “New Evidence on the Foreclosure Crisis” and is found in The Wall Street Journal, p A13, July 3-5, at this link: While I can’t verify his analysis, the article is worth reading. I don’t agree with all of his conclusions, especially his remark that … Read moreArticle of Note on the Foreclosure Crisis

Driving Around The Chicago Area…

Two things that seem especially noticeable when driving around the Chicago metro area are the amount of retail vacancies, and the poor physical conditions of the roads.  Both are very visible testaments to this period of economic hardship. Of course, it varies by location, but to generalize there is a lot of vacant retail space.  It … Read moreDriving Around The Chicago Area…

A Conflict of Interest?

I found this story in The Washington Post, from June 11, to be rather interesting: “Lawmakers Invested in Bailed-Out Firms” : I would have assumed there are rules that expressly prohibit such a conflict of interest.  If not, perhaps a recusal would be appropriate? SPX at 918.90 as this post is written

The Untimely Death of Long-Held Assumptions

Ever since the Economic Crisis began, there has been one facet that has been very under-recognized – that many long-held assumptions have proven incorrect. There are many of these assumptions, but I will list a few.  The “fallout” from these assumptions proving incorrect has been widespread and very damaging: Real estate (particularly residential) always goes up. … Read moreThe Untimely Death of Long-Held Assumptions