Another “The Worst May Soon Be Over” Forecast

The following story recently (June 25) ran in The Wall Street Journal: “OECD Says The Worst May Soon Be Over For The Global Economy” This conclusion, that “the worst may soon be over” and that recovery will quickly follow,  seems to be extremely widely held among forecasters, as documented elsewhere (such as the June … Read more Another “The Worst May Soon Be Over” Forecast

An Interesting New Index

I ran across the following – it is Fortune’s Big Picture Index.  From the original notice in Fortune Magazine, June 8, p 62, “Our new proprietary index measures seven key signs of economic health” I find the index interesting, and worth at least a quick peek.  Unfortunately, the link provided doesn’t give a lot of … Read more An Interesting New Index

Current Economic Forecasts

It seems as if there appears to be a growing consensus among private and public sector economists regarding economic forecasts; that of slightly positive third-quarter GDP growth, which gradually improves going forward; as well as a peak in unemployment around 10%. This is reflected in the latest (June) Wall Street Journal Economic Forecasting survey : In the survey, … Read more Current Economic Forecasts