The Consumer Metrics Institute

In the previous blog post I wrote of the issues and implications regarding the current economic growth rate. There are a variety of sources and methods one may use in trying to gauge current and future economic growth.  In this blog I frequently highlight and discuss many I feel are prominent and/or noteworthy.  However, I … Read more The Consumer Metrics Institute

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index

This post, and the next, will deal with economic activity and economic indicators. My most recent update of various economic indicators was on March 15. One indicator that I have yet to add to this list is that of the Chicago Fed National Activity Index.  Many people believe the Chicago Fed National Activity Index to … Read more The Chicago Fed National Activity Index

The Latest Housing Intervention

Saturday’s Wall Street Journal chronicles the latest housing intervention plan in a story titled “Mortgage Plan Remodeled Again.” I have written extensively about the residential real estate problems and dynamics thereof. It strongly appears as if we, as a nation, have come to a place where there is hardly a real estate intervention that we … Read more The Latest Housing Intervention

Greenspan’s Most Notable Phrase

Alan Greenspan recently gave a lengthy video interview on Bloomberg.  A short summary is found at this link; the actual video is the first listed near the bottom of the article. I found the video to be most interesting.  Greenspan elaborates upon his recent “The Crisis” paper, which I mentioned here.  As well, he discusses … Read more Greenspan’s Most Notable Phrase

Disturbing Charts, Part II

As a continuation of yesterday’s post, here are three other charts that I find disturbing in nature. These charts raise a lot of questions.  Many of these questions I have discussed in the blog, as I believe they are very significant in nature.  Additionally, these charts should highlight the “atypical” nature of our economic situation … Read more Disturbing Charts, Part II

Health Care Legislation – A Few Comments

I would like to make a few comments regarding the health care legislation.   I’ve written a few posts mentioning health care; here are the most substantive. First, as I’ve previously written, the health care system that we now have needed to be changed.  It clearly has evolved into something that is unsustainable economically as well … Read more Health Care Legislation – A Few Comments

Comments On The HIRE Act

On Thursday President Obama signed the HIRE Act, a jobs stimulus.  The summary of the signing can be found here. There is also a transcript of his remarks found here. I could make many comments about this jobs stimulus.  However, as an intervention measure, it has many of the same characteristics of other interventions.  As … Read more Comments On The HIRE Act