Bill Gates On Health Care, Technology

The February 7 – February 13 2011 Bloomberg BusinessWeek had an interview of Bill Gates by Charlie Rose (“Charlie Rose talks to Bill Gates“). There are two excerpts, seen below, that I found especially interesting, although I don’t necessarily agree with what Gates says. Rose’s questions are in bold.  For now I will simply post …

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Health Care Legislation – A Few Comments

I would like to make a few comments regarding the health care legislation.   I’ve written a few posts mentioning health care; here are the most substantive. First, as I’ve previously written, the health care system that we now have needed to be changed.  It clearly has evolved into something that is unsustainable economically as well …

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Singapore’s Healthcare System

I ran across this piece, titled “What Singapore Can Teach the White House,” in the Wall Street Journal from October 20.  I found it very interesting, as it discussed the healthcare system for Singapore. SPX at 1110.73 as this post is written

A Note On Healthcare Legislation

There is so much that can be said about our healthcare system and the reform efforts underway.  Here is my previous post on the topic from August 19: There is one special aspect of the current legislation that I would like to comment upon.  This aspect is that no member of Congress or the President would …

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Healthcare – A Few Thoughts

As President Obama said during his July 22 Press Conference, healthcare is “a problem that Washington has failed to solve for decades.” I want to make a few random comments about healthcare.  Any substantive discussion on my part would be exceedingly lengthy as this is a complex subject. I do believe that there has to …

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