Short-term Treasury Yields – Significance

In at least two past posts on short-term Treasury yields, those of July 20, 2010 (“2-Year Treasury: Odd Occurrences”) and November 23, 2009 (“Two Notable Developments”) I have discussed the significance of the ultra-low yields seen on the 2-Year Treasury Note and the 3-Month Bill. Here are updated charts of each, as of Friday’s close. … Read more Short-term Treasury Yields – Significance

Two Notable Developments

I would like to highlight two notable developments that have lately arisen. Both have to do with interest rates on short-term US Government securities – the 3-month bill and 2-year note. First, a chart of each of these securities’ yields.  Shown is a daily chart from January 2008 to the present, in LOG scale to show detail:      Charts Courtesy … Read more Two Notable Developments