Larry Summers On Bubbles – March 13 2009 Speech

As I, as well as others, have been frequently mentioning bubbles, I thought it would be interesting to post a few comments (excerpts) that Larry Summers made concerning their effects during his March 13, 2009 speech.  I found these comments to be very interesting, especially in light of our current economic condition and prospects for Sustainable Prosperity. … Read more Larry Summers On Bubbles – March 13 2009 Speech

Article On Asset Price Bubbles

In my opinion, the existence of asset price bubbles is of paramount importance. I have recently written a few posts on the subject.  I would now like to comment on a Wall Street Journal article from Monday titled “Economists Warn of Asset-Price Bubbles.”  Here is the link: First, I would like to reiterate that I … Read more Article On Asset Price Bubbles


from the November 3 FOMC Minutes: “Members noted the possibility that some negative side effects might result from the maintenance of very low short-term interest rates for an extended period, including the possibility that such a policy stance could lead to excessive risk-taking in financial markets or an unanchoring of inflation expectations. While members currently … Read more Bubbles

Is Gold Experiencing A Bubble?

One of the questions that frequently arises with Gold’s recent strong performance is “Is Gold in a bubble?” Before I make some comments concerning this question, here is a long-term monthly chart of Gold for reference: Chart Courtesy of   Anytime a security acts as strongly as Gold has, it is natural to suspect … Read more Is Gold Experiencing A Bubble?

Interesting Comments From Liu Mingkang

Here is a link to a November 16 Wall Street Journal article titled “China’s Blunt Talk for Obama”: I found this to be particularly interesting: “Liu Mingkang, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, said that a weak U.S. dollar and low U.S. interest rates had led to “massive speculation” that was inflating asset … Read more Interesting Comments From Liu Mingkang