Article On Asset Bubbles

On January 25 Fortune had an article on asset bubbles titled “Beware the 4 new asset bubbles.”

The four purported bubbles mentioned in the article are Gold, oil, the stock market, and Treasuries.  I have discussed each of these markets, with the exception of oil, in previous posts.

I found the logic and discussion in the article interesting, although I did not agree with various aspects of the article.  I especially disagree with the logic about housing, for reasons I have recently written about.

It is very important for investors to understand whether the markets they are investing in are indeed experiencing bubbles.   My previously written posts are found under the “Bubbles” Category.

Of course, the existence and prevalence of bubbles also has massive ramifications for the economy, especially when viewed from the standpoint of Sustainable Prosperity.

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SPX at 1137.15 as this post is written