P/E Ratios and Inflation / Deflation

I recently came across an interesting chart titled “Relationship Of Inflation and Price/Earnings Ratios (1900-2008).”  It is from Crestmont Research and can be found at this link: http://www.crestmontresearch.com/pdfs/Stock%20Inflation%20&%20PE.pdf It shows the effect of inflation and deflation (as defined by the CPI) on the P/E Ratio. I think that it is worth looking at for a variety … Read moreP/E Ratios and Inflation / Deflation

The Hyperinflation Theme

One of the more prevalent themes mentioned has been the possibility, or probability, of hyperinflation.  Hyperinflation is often mentioned due to the degree of “money pumping” and other intervention measures that have occurred in the last two years to combat this period of economic weakness. However, despite all of the predictions of hyperinflation, there appears to … Read moreThe Hyperinflation Theme

The Madoff Fraud – Are There More?

Here is the latest update on the Madoff sentencing from CNBC: http://www.cnbc.com/id/31610169 A few months ago, I wrote an article titled “Crime During Economic Stress,” that is listed under the “Individuals” section (about halfway down the page) here: https://www.economicgreenfield.com/prosperitybypencom-directory/ One of the questions that I have is whether there are more frauds in existence that haven’t yet … Read moreThe Madoff Fraud – Are There More?

Gold and Inflation

Much has been written in the financial press about the possibility of impending inflation, or even hyperinflation.  These possibilities are discussed as being likely due to the “loose” monetary policy that has been enacted to combat The Financial Crisis. If one were to believe that inflation has or will soon “breakout,” one would probably expect gold to perform strongly.  At around … Read moreGold and Inflation

An Economic Brownfield Facet

I am posting a letter from Guy Haselmann, as I believe it is very well-written and illustrates how actions can promote an Economic Brownfield environment.   My comments will follow the letter: __ To the Editor, May 6, 2009 The Obama administration is creating the next future crisis. Their handling of the Chrysler situation is irresponsible, … Read moreAn Economic Brownfield Facet

“Opportunity of a Lifetime”?

One phrase that I have heard mentioned a few times is that the economic and market declines of 2008-early2009 created a “Opportunity of a Lifetime” to buy stocks, businesses, and other assets. I am not sure what reasoning is used to justify the “Opportunity of a Lifetime” phrase (and no reasoning has been provided).  It would … Read more“Opportunity of a Lifetime”?