Phenomenal Investment Opportunities

It is my belief that there will be many phenomenal investment opportunities arising in the near and intermediate future.   Many more than during an  average time period. However, I am also of the belief that they will be harder to “realize” for a variety of reasons.  Of course, the main prerequisite is having sufficient funds available … Read more Phenomenal Investment Opportunities

The Changing Investment Climate

Here is a link to an interesting White Paper from Guy Haselmann of Gregoire Capital, dated August 2009: I found it interesting because it discusses a variety of very important concepts such as investment flexibility, market dislocations, inflation vs. deflation, diversification, hedge fund operating risk, etc.   SPX at 1063.22 as this post is written

The “Buy and Hold” Philosophy

Here is a story from on September 23: “Buy-and-Hold Investing Makes A Return After Turbulent Year” I am not a fan of the “Buy and Hold” philosophy, although I will concede that it worked (very) well, generally speaking, during the 20th Century. As far as the present and future is concerned, I wrote … Read more The “Buy and Hold” Philosophy

Gold Below $1000

With Gold now below $1000, I would like to call attention to a post of September 4 titled “Gold and Implications.”  Here is the link: I think that Gold below $1000, after having failed to hold above this level, is very significant. Also significant is the number of people who have been predicting a … Read more Gold Below $1000

An Interesting Poll…

Here is a September 17 story detailing a Bloomberg News poll: I found various aspects of this story to be interesting, but one facet really stood out: “Respondents were divided over whether the economy will get better or stay the same in the next six months; only 1 in 6 said things will get … Read more An Interesting Poll…

The “Paycheck To Paycheck” Dynamic

Lately there have been a couple of polls conducted showing the percent of people living “paycheck to paycheck.”  Here is a story from September 16 regarding this issue: This “paycheck to paycheck” dynamic is noteworthy, especially since it appears to be widespread.  It appears to be relatively common even among those making above $100,000.  It would … Read more The “Paycheck To Paycheck” Dynamic

“The Greater The Economic Weakness, The Stronger The Recovery”

Recently there has been a thought circulating that the worse the recession (or economic weakness) the stronger the following economic rebound.  This refrain has been heard from various quarters. This belief does appear to be historically accurate, at least to some degree.   However, there are three aspects of this belief that I want to elaborate … Read more “The Greater The Economic Weakness, The Stronger The Recovery”

A Notable Quote From Ron Paul

On Wednesday The Wall Street Journal ran a story titled “Anti-Fed Activists Fuel Push for Audit”: One quote from Ron Paul really caught my attention: “The Fed will self-destruct,” Mr. Paul said in an interview. “This economy is going to get worse and this dollar is going to get a lot worse.” I found “The … Read more A Notable Quote From Ron Paul