“Don’t Fight The Fed” & Related Phrases

“Don’t fight the Fed” is a phrase that has been in existence for decades, and has been heard often, especially lately. Other related phrases heard include “the Fed’s got your back.”  And, of course, “the Bernanke Put” and, while Greenspan was Federal Reserve Chairman, “the Greenspan Put.”  Many of these phrases seem related to the … Read more “Don’t Fight The Fed” & Related Phrases

The “Buy and Hold” Philosophy

Here is a story from CNBC.com on September 23: “Buy-and-Hold Investing Makes A Return After Turbulent Year” http://www.cnbc.com/id/32970487 I am not a fan of the “Buy and Hold” philosophy, although I will concede that it worked (very) well, generally speaking, during the 20th Century. As far as the present and future is concerned, I wrote … Read more The “Buy and Hold” Philosophy