Jim Rogers And Ron Paul Video Interviews

Here are two interviews that I found interesting.  Although I don’t necessarily agree with all of the views voiced by Jim Rogers and Ron Paul, I think both interviews are well worth watching. Here is the Jim Rogers interview (length 5:20), titled “What Recovery? America’s Problems ‘Getting Worse, Not Better,’ Jim Rogers Says” on Yahoo … Read moreJim Rogers And Ron Paul Video Interviews

Ron Paul On The U.S. Dollar

One of the facts that Ron Paul frequently quotes is that since the Federal Reserve’s inception (it was created in 1913) the U.S. Dollar has lost more than 95% of its purchasing power. I wonder how many people are actually concerned by this occurrence?  I hardly ever hear this discussed among people or by the media. They … Read moreRon Paul On The U.S. Dollar

Ron Paul – “Be Prepared for the Worst”

I would like to comment on a commentary by Ron Paul in the November 16 edition of Forbes.  It is titled “Be Prepared for the Worst” and subtitled “The large-scale government intervention in the economy is going to end badly.” The commentary can be found at this link: http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2009/1116/opinions-great-depression-economy-on-my-mind_print.html While I don’t agree with everything that Ron … Read moreRon Paul – “Be Prepared for the Worst”

A Notable Quote From Ron Paul

On Wednesday The Wall Street Journal ran a story titled “Anti-Fed Activists Fuel Push for Audit”: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB125305951231914071.html One quote from Ron Paul really caught my attention: “The Fed will self-destruct,” Mr. Paul said in an interview. “This economy is going to get worse and this dollar is going to get a lot worse.” I found “The … Read moreA Notable Quote From Ron Paul