Warren Buffett – “America’s best days lie ahead”

From time to time I post comments from Warren Buffett.  I find his perspectives interesting,  notable, and very unique, although in many cases I (at least) partially disagree with his thoughts. His latest “Chairman’s Letter” in the Berkshire Hathaway 2010 Annual Report contained some interesting comments regarding the American economy, both past and future.  Here … Read more Warren Buffett – “America’s best days lie ahead”

Stock Market Capitalization As A % Of GDP

Recent statistics indicate that the stock market capitalization as a percentage of GDP appears to again be over 100%. This is an elevated level from a historical perspective. I’ve written of this metric before in an article titled “Does Warren Buffett’s Market Metric Still Apply?” I feel that for many reasons this is an important … Read more Stock Market Capitalization As A % Of GDP

Warren Buffett – Recent Interview

Here are a couple of links to a recent Warren Buffett interview.  I have not been able to pinpoint a date, but apparently the interview was from a month or so ago: The video link: http://pymnts.com/warren-buffett-on-what-s-next-in-the-payments-industry-2 The transcript link: http://pymnts.com/transcript-warren-buffett-on-what-s-next-in-the-payments-industry/ The first part of the interview deals with his views on the economy.   Although I … Read more Warren Buffett – Recent Interview

Warren Buffett’s July 9 Interviews

I Warren Buffett’s July 9th interview on CNBC http://www.cnbc.com/id/31836625/  to be interesting, especially when he says: “And it’s very important the economy gets, comes back.  It will come back.  Government has less influence on how fast that happens than a lot of people would like to hope that it would.  But government is a player, … Read more Warren Buffett’s July 9 Interviews