Warren Buffett’s July 9 Interviews

I Warren Buffett’s July 9th interview on CNBC


 to be interesting, especially when he says:

“And it’s very important the economy gets, comes back.  It will come back.  Government has less influence on how fast that happens than a lot of people would like to hope that it would.  But government is a player, but it has no silver bullet.  The economy will come back, though.”

Here’s another interview from July 9:


In this interview I found this comment, where he is discussing the economy, to be interesting:

“I want to emphasize we’re going to come out of this better than ever. I mean, the best days of America, by far, lay ahead. But not next week or next month. I don’t know exactly when we’ll come out. But we will come out big time.”

It would have been very interesting for him to have elaborated upon the above statement.  For instance, what factor(s) does he think will be the main economic drivers?

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