The Business Environment

Frequently, one hears of the high profits and large (from a historical perspective) cash positions of companies.  While this may be true more or less, especially among larger companies, I believe that it depicts the current overall business environment in an overly positive light. As I have written of previously, there are significant problem areas … Read more The Business Environment

Pricing In Our Current Environment

Pricing is a very complex discipline even during periods of economic growth and stability.  With the onset of increased economic uncertainty and volatility over the last few years, pricing’s complexity has significantly grown. Of course, it is impossible to characterize all firms as having the same pricing issues, as each industry and firm has a … Read more Pricing In Our Current Environment

Businesses and Economic Stress

My analyses indicate that, unfortunately, businesses will continue to face very challenging conditions. Many already find themselves in rather perilous circumstances, as witnessed by the number and breadth (across industries) of companies experiencing double-digit revenue declines, not to mention innumerable other statistics. On a couple of occasions I have written about the conditions that businesses face during … Read more Businesses and Economic Stress

“Opportunity of a Lifetime”?

One phrase that I have heard mentioned a few times is that the economic and market declines of 2008-early2009 created a “Opportunity of a Lifetime” to buy stocks, businesses, and other assets. I am not sure what reasoning is used to justify the “Opportunity of a Lifetime” phrase (and no reasoning has been provided).  It would … Read more “Opportunity of a Lifetime”?