America’s Economic Future – A Comment

Those familiar with this blog know that I believe (based off of my overall analysis) that our current purported economic recovery is not sustainable.

As I have indicated in previous writings, we as a nation need to be more “strategic” in nature if we are to attain true Sustainable Prosperity.

One critical question that we should be asking, from a strategic standpoint, is what is the value of a recovery if it is not sustainable?  The answer is that there is very little if any value to such a recovery.  In fact, a very strong case can be made that there will be strong negative repercussions stemming from such an unsustainable recovery.

Another issue, from a strategic standpoint, is one of opportunity cost.  The opportunity cost of attaining a recovery that subsequently fails vs. a true sustainable recovery is enormous.  This is especially true in our current economic environment where many factors such as the national debt are at truly ominous levels.

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1 thought on “America’s Economic Future – A Comment”

  1. Puts a whole new meaning & perspective on the phrase “The Lost Decade”…the circle keeps spinning round with this one. However, if the current trends continue to push-forward, we might be looking at a “Lost Generation”.

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