Another Note On Unemployment Statistics

On October 6 I wrote about my thoughts regarding Unemployment Statistics.  That link can be found here: I recently ran across the following from John Mauldin, found in his October 23 “Thoughts From The Frontline” newsletter: “With 9.8% unemployment, 7% underemployed (temporary), and another 3-4% off the radar screen because they are so discouraged they … Read more Another Note On Unemployment Statistics

Another Story Concerning Homelessness

Here is a story from yesterday’s Chicago Tribune titled, “Homelessness rises, redefining living conditions for schoolchildren.”,0,7967162.story As I have previously written: “As I discussed in my September 3 post, I think it is important to have stories and statistics concerning poverty and misfortune published on a more frequent basis. While they are certainly disheartening, … Read more Another Story Concerning Homelessness

The McClellan Oscillator’s Performance

There are several interesting facets of the markets right now.  I will soon comment on some of them. From a stock market perspective, the performance of the McClellan Oscillator is one such facet.  Here is commentary from yesterday’s that I found very interesting: “Remarkably, the Oscillator hit a deeply oversold reading yesterday, nearly 2 standard deviations below its … Read more The McClellan Oscillator’s Performance

Aruoba-Diebold-Scotti Business Conditions (ADS) Index

The below link discusses a new economic forecast index called the Aruoba-Diebold-Scotti Business Conditions (ADS) Index: Here is a chart of the index that can be found on the Philadelphia Fed website at this link: From the above Philadelphia Fed link: “The Aruoba-Diebold-Scotti business conditions index is designed to track real business conditions at high … Read more Aruoba-Diebold-Scotti Business Conditions (ADS) Index

Christina Romer’s October 22, 2009 Testimony

Here is testimony by Christina Romer before the Joint Economic Committee on October 22, 2009: Readers of this blog will know that I don’t agree with many of the statements and forecasts found in this testimony.  However, I am calling attention to it because it has several notable passages, as well as forecasts. Although we have heard … Read more Christina Romer’s October 22, 2009 Testimony

Warren Buffett – Recent Interview

Here are a couple of links to a recent Warren Buffett interview.  I have not been able to pinpoint a date, but apparently the interview was from a month or so ago: The video link: The transcript link: The first part of the interview deals with his views on the economy.   Although I … Read more Warren Buffett – Recent Interview

3Q Double-Digit Percentage Revenue Declines

As I have discussed previously, double-digit percentage declines in corporate revenues is a serious issue. Many well-respected, broadly-based companies have posted double-digit percentage revenue declines for 3Q.  This is highly significant in that we are purportedly in an economic recovery; as well, 3Q 2008 should provide a (relatively) easy comparable period as the economy was struggling.   SPX at 1078.7 as this … Read more 3Q Double-Digit Percentage Revenue Declines

Moral Hazard Speech

Here is a link to an October 20 speech given by Mervyn King.  The speech speaks of the concept of Moral Hazard: Although there are various notable passages, I found this line perhaps most interesting:    “The massive support extended to the banking sector around the world, while necessary to avert economic disaster, has created possibly the … Read more Moral Hazard Speech

The “Crowded Trade” Concept

Here is a story from Friday on that caught my interest: It is titled “Stocks, Gold Are Crowded Trades: Hugh Hendry” I found it interesting for two main reasons.  First, it discusses the concept of the “Crowded Trade.”  This is a phrase that isn’t often heard these days.  Nonetheless, I think the concept is … Read more The “Crowded Trade” Concept

Tax Increases And Our Economic Situation

Lately there has been quite a bit of activity in either increasing or proposing increasing taxes (also increases in fees, fines, etc).  This activity is occurring at all levels, i.e. local, state, and national. These tax increases are very noteworthy given our current period of economic weakness.  I will be addressing various aspects of this in the future. For … Read more Tax Increases And Our Economic Situation