Stiglitz Interview – Notable Excerpt

Today’s Barron’s has an interview with Joseph Stiglitz.  I found his answer to the following question to be an interesting perspective: Before we talk about all that, what are the most surprising developments since you won your Nobel Prize? Surprising to whom? The bubble episode surprised so much of the world—Greenspan and Bernanke believed that … Read more Stiglitz Interview – Notable Excerpt

Stiglitz On 2010

Here is a story from yesterday on comments by Joseph Stiglitz about his views on 2010 economic performance: From the article: “Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz warned there’s a “significant” chance the U.S. economy will contract in the second half of next year…” I find Stiglitz’s view significant because it is in marked contrast to that of the … Read more Stiglitz On 2010