A Note About Unemployment Statistics

From time to time, I will write posts that contain the Unemployment Rate or various other job loss measures.  I show these statistics as they are widely used and quoted by others.  From my perspective, however, the methodology used to measure the various job loss and unemployment statistics does not provide an accurate depiction.  There are a variety … Read moreA Note About Unemployment Statistics

Another Chart Reflecting Job Losses

I would like to present an interesting chart on job losses.  My last chart concerning job losses was posted on September 10.  The commentary I presented there is still highly applicable to the latest unemployment numbers. This chart is from http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/ from October 2.  I like this chart as it presents a depiction of the relative severity … Read moreAnother Chart Reflecting Job Losses

An Interesting Chart On Job Losses, Revisited

Here is an updated chart from chartoftheday.com that I have shown and discussed previously, in my July 7 post: http://www.chartoftheday.com/20090904.htm?T There are other charts similar to this, from other sources…however, I find this chart particularly interesting as it incorporates the long-term averages of two other periods.  As I wrote in my July 7 post: “As … Read moreAn Interesting Chart On Job Losses, Revisited

An Interesting Chart on Job Losses

I ran across the following chart from chartoftheday.com, and found it interesting: http://www.chartoftheday.com/20090703.htm?T As one can see, the current degree of job losses is rather atypical. I would also like to highlight another issue as well.  From a historical perspective, this (purported) recession, that the NBER has classified as having started in December 2007, is … Read moreAn Interesting Chart on Job Losses