Healthcare – A Few Thoughts

As President Obama said during his July 22 Press Conference, healthcare is “a problem that Washington has failed to solve for decades.”

I want to make a few random comments about healthcare.  Any substantive discussion on my part would be exceedingly lengthy as this is a complex subject.

I do believe that there has to be major changes made, and quickly.  There are many large problems with the healthcare system in a variety of areas.

However, I think that in order to make effective changes, there has to be a greater understanding of the problems inherent in the current system.  As well, there should be an examination of some of the current assumptions being made.

Some questions I would ask are:

Should government be involved in healthcare?  Why?

What are the underlying problems of the healthcare system?

Do we fully understand the problems of the healthcare system?

What would be the attributes of a perfect healthcare system?

Are there models analogous to the healthcare scenario that a person faces?  What can we learn from them?

Also, I wanted to exhibit this recent op-ed from The Wall Street Journal.  John Cochrane makes some interesting points that are worthy of contemplation:


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