Articles Remembering Anna J. Schwartz

Two well-written articles remembering the life of Anna J. Schwartz include the June 21 New York Times article titled “Anna Schwartz, Economist Who Worked With Friedman, Dies at 96” as well as the June 22 Bloomberg BusinessWeek article titled “Anna Schwartz, Economist Milton Friedman’s Co-Author, Dies at 96.” Although both article are well worth reading … Read more Articles Remembering Anna J. Schwartz

“Bonus For Bernanke?” Commentary

I came across this commentary from Fareed Zakaria on CNN yesterday.  It is titled “Bonus For Bernanke?” : I mildly or strongly disagree with most of the assertions made by Fareed Zakaria in this piece.   The reason that I post it is that it contains a very good, concise representation of ideas from … Read more “Bonus For Bernanke?” Commentary