Thoughts on Ben Bernanke’s Tenure

With the announcement that Ben Bernanke will be nominated for a second term as Federal Reserve Chairman, I would like to make a few comments.

First, a brief review of some of the comments others have made with regard to Ben Bernanke’s tenure.   Here is a quote from Paul Krugman, as seen in the following August 10 Bloomberg story:

“I think Bernanke has done a really good job,” Krugman said. “He failed to see this coming and he was behind the curve in early phases. But he’s been really very good in the sense that it’s really very hard to see how anyone could have done more to stem this crisis.”

Krugman’s opinion seems to be largely in line with sentiments recently voiced by many other economists.

As well, other popular thoughts on Bernanke seem to be summarized well in this article:

My thoughts on Bernanke haven’t changed.  I have periodically remarked on him; those remarks can be found in the “Ben Bernanke” category listed along the right side of the page.  Perhaps my June 10 post is the best summary of my thoughts:

As well, I will say that I feel that there have been many significant aspects of Ben Bernanke’s actions that have gone unnoticed, and/or have not been commented upon by anyone.

I will continue to comment on Ben Bernanke on an intermittent basis.

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