2013 Estimates For S&P500 Earnings

In the September 3 edition of Barron’s, the cover story is titled “Tough as Teflon.”

Included in the story, 10 market strategists give various forecasts including 2012  & 2013 S&P500 profits, 2012 S&P500 year-end price targets, 2012 & 2013 GDP growth, and 10-Year Treasury Note Yields.

As seen on page 22:

With 2012 two-thirds done, the pros see S&P500 companies earning $100 to $105 this year.


Our 10 strategists’ mean profit prediction for 2013 is $107.37, implying another 5% increase.


I post various economic forecasts because I believe they should be carefully monitored.  However, as those familiar with this blog are aware, I do not agree with many of the consensus estimates and much of the commentary in these forecast surveys.


The Special Note summarizes my overall thoughts about our economic situation

SPX at 1408.47 as this post is written