misc. note – corrections of blog posts

In the July 2, 2010 post I explained my policy with regard to changing the content of posts after the day the posts have been published on the blog.

While I change bad links and incorrect formatting without notification, I believe that changing blog posts’ content warrants disclosure.

Over the last few months I have made corrections to content on various blog posts.  These corrections generally have been for reasons of (factual) accuracy and – for better readability – to correct typos and/or extraneous wording.

A list of these corrections is seen below.  This list indicates the posts corrected and the reason for such corrections.  The error as seen in the original posting is seen in red:

Corrected On 11-21-11 (factual)

Re: 11-21-11 WSJ post that says “today, November 10, 2011”

Corrected On 3-12-12

Re: 3-7-12 post Dynamics…desc: Highlight and discusses various dynamics and risks inherent in the Federal Reserve’s asset portfolio.

Re: 7-24-09 post Why…desc: The unemployment issue current facing

Corrected On 4-8-12 (factual)

Re: 3-9-12 post U-3 and U-6…(charts updated as of 2-3-12)

Corrected on 4-29-12 (factual)

Re: 4-27-12 post on Ben Bernanke…On Wednesday, January 25

Corrected on 5-25-12 (factual)

Re: 4-16-12 post on Durable Goods New Orders…This February value is 202,568 ($ Millions)

Corrected on 6-1-12

Re: Added post disclaimers to STLFSI posts of May 25, 2012 & May 18, 2012

Corrected on 6-10-12

Re: missing endquotes on 10-19-09 post: “ ”The remarkable thing about the stock market is ‘the absence of volume associated with it,‘” Hendry said.

Corrected on 6-11-12 (typo/additional word) 

Re: disclaimer on June 14, 2010 & July 16, 2010 posts: …However, as those familiar with this blog are aware, I do not agree with the many of the consensus estimates and much of the commentary in these forecast surveys.

Corrected on 6-11-12 (incorrect word)

Re: on June 18, 2010; December 13, 2010; June 19, 2011; and December 15, 2011 Livingston Survey posts: an S&P500 forecast

Some of the above corrections have been made after I received reader comments alerting me of the issues.  I appreciate such notifications, and ask that if one spots factual inaccuracies, typos and/or bad links, please notify me of such via email message to [email protected]