misc. note

Just a couple of quick administrative notes…

Obviously, changing past posts’ content is disingenuous.  However, sometimes it is necessary.  My policy has been, and will continue to be, the following:  I allow myself to change post content on the same day the post is created, to allow for editing, rewording, accuracy, formatting, etc.  After that day, the post will remain “as is”, including typos.

However, I will change post content at any time if there are bad links, or obvious factual errors (for example, in a recent post I mentioned a May CFNAI report as representing that of April, which I have corrected.)  Factual errors, to my knowledge, happen very infrequently – the above example is the only error I can recall.

As well, I change post categorization and tags if, in retrospect, they are suboptimal.  This is done to make site usage easier.

Please let me know (via [email protected]) should you encounter bad links or any other problems.

Also, I maintain another site which duplicates every posting on this site.  That website is http://economicgreenfield.blogspot.com/