“America’s New Poor” Segment – Notable Excerpts

Yesterday, CBS aired a segment on its “Sunday Morning” show titled “America’s new poor.”

While dynamics similar to those discussed in the segment have been noted in previous posts on this blog, this segment is yet another notable reminder of the changing economic condition and the growing need for food assistance.  This segment focuses on an area, Forsyth County, near Atlanta.

Here are some excerpts that I find especially notable:

But for more families here, prosperity is a pretense. The job’s lost, the savings are gone, and the big house is either in foreclosure or on its way. And just keeping food on the table is a struggle.

So Forsyth’s newly-needy file into local food banks.

Yesterday’s GIVERS have become today’s TAKERS.


“The new poor could be you, me, your neighbor, your church member, somebody who has been affected by the economy,” she said. “Many of our people who have come for assistance used to be our donors. And they’ll say, ‘I never thought I’d have to do this, never in my wildest dreams.'”


Nearly 15 percent of Americans are now receiving food stamps, a record level, and a jump of about two-thirds since 2007.

One in SIX Americans – 49 million people – say they have trouble putting food on the table.

At Forsyth County’s Lambert High, eight percent of kids now get free lunch, double the number three years ago.


The Special Note summarizes my overall thoughts about our economic situation

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