Quantitative Easing – Varied Thoughts

There has been an immense amount of material written about additional Quantitative Easing (QE2).

Here are some of the works that I have found among the most interesting (although I don’t necessarily agree with what is being said):

Guidelines for Global Economic Policymaking,” (pdf) Gregory Hess, Shadow Open Market Committee, October 12, 2010

Investment Outlook, November 2010, Bill Gross

“Night of the Living Fed,” (pdf) Jeremy Grantham, GMO, October 2010

“What’s Ahead for the Fed,” Roubini Global Economics, October 27, 2010

excerpted material, Contrary Investor, October 14, 2010 commentary

As for my own thoughts on the issue, I have written about QE2 directly in the August 13 post, and have written extensively about interventions in various posts.  As well, two articles focus on interventions, “Intervention’s Potential Blindspots” as well as “My Overall Thoughts On The Bailouts, Stimulus Measures, and Interventions.”


A Special Note concerning our economic situation is found here

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