In Ben We Trust?

I will comment frequently on Ben Bernanke, due to his position, but perhaps more importantly, because of his stated theories, beliefs, and ideologies.  It seems to me that the handling of The Financial Crisis certainly has the “fingerprints” of Ben Bernanke all over it.  In fact, I believe that perhaps no other person’s ideologies have ever played such an outsized role in the U.S. economy (and various other global economies) than those of Ben Bernanke.  In my opinion, the U.S. economy (and many financial markets) since The Financial Crisis, can be viewed as an ideologically-levered extension of Ben Bernanke’s beliefs and understandings.

Is this a good thing?  It gets back to two central themes of this blog; are we heading toward Sustainable Prosperity? And will America’s Economic Future be one of an Economic Greenfield or Economic Brownfield?

As for me, I will let my writings speak for themselves with regard to our handling of The Financial Crisis.   As one can guess, I do respect his background, and believe that he has an exceedingly difficult position; but I don’t necessarily concur with many of his theories, interpretations, or actions.

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