The Federal Reserve’s “Dual Mandate”

Recently, there has been increasing mention of the Federal Reserve’s “Dual Mandate.” While my thoughts on the topic are complex, and I am not necessarily in agreement with it, I think highlighting some reference material on the the “Dual Mandate” is apropos as I expect there to be much more mention of this in the … Read more The Federal Reserve’s “Dual Mandate”

Thomas Hoenig Story

The September 27-October 3 2010 issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek has an interesting story titled “Thomas Hoenig is Fed Up.” The story chronicles various views of Thomas Hoenig and how these views differ from those of others prominent within The Federal Reserve. I found one line, referring to Hoenig’s views, particularly noteworthy given current (and likely … Read more Thomas Hoenig Story

Allan Meltzer Comment On “What Should the Federal Reserve Do Next?”

On September 9 The Wall Street Journal had various people respond to the question of “What Should the Federal Reserve Do Next?” Among the various responses, I found this excerpt from Allan Meltzer’s response to be most interesting: “In “A History of the Federal Reserve,” I concluded that the principal mistakes the Fed has made … Read more Allan Meltzer Comment On “What Should the Federal Reserve Do Next?”

The Federal Reserve’s Role

In his December 7 speech, Ben Bernanke made the following comments with regard to the role of The Federal Reserve.  For now, I will post an excerpt I found notable, and may comment upon it at a later date: “In all of these efforts, our objective has not been to support specific financial institutions or markets for … Read more The Federal Reserve’s Role