Are We Avoiding a Depression?

Perhaps the most common refrain heard with regard to our current economic situation, and why it won’t become a Depression, is that we as a nation have been proactive and aggressive in “managing” this period of economic weakness. This theory, more or less, has the following generalized (and summarized) structure: There has been rigorous research conducted on the … Read more Are We Avoiding a Depression?

Ben Bernanke – Notable Speech Passages

For those who didn’t read Ben Bernanke’s Commencement Address to The Boston College School of Law on May 22, I would like to highlight a few passages.  I found the passages below informative and telling; I will let them speak for themselves, and might refer back to them in future posts.  The entire speech can be … Read more Ben Bernanke – Notable Speech Passages

In Ben We Trust?

I will comment frequently on Ben Bernanke, due to his position, but perhaps more importantly, because of his stated theories, beliefs, and ideologies.  It seems to me that the handling of The Financial Crisis certainly has the “fingerprints” of Ben Bernanke all over it.  In fact, I believe that perhaps no other person’s ideologies have ever played … Read more In Ben We Trust?