Comments On “Toward a Truly Free Market” Book

I’ve recently read the book Toward a Truly Free Market by John Médaille, a book that largely expounds on the economic concept of (Neo)Distributism.

I would like to preface my comments about the book with the following three points:

First, although I agree with various facets of Distributism – as it is presented it in the book – I would not consider myself a believer in the overall concept, for various reasons.

Second, there are various analyses and conclusions within the book that I don’t agree with.

Third, many who are familiar with micro or macroeconomics, might find much of the material in this book either unfamiliar, and/or wildly provocative, and/or heretical in nature.  This book is far from what is currently considered economic “convention.”

Notwithstanding these three points, this book is unique in many ways and is very notable.  I could write extensively about it, but for now I will summarize my thoughts.

The book focuses on what an economic system should be,  and uses a variety of arguments and cites economic theory spanning centuries.  It is critical of our current economic model on a number of fronts.

It also introduces various theories that are quite interesting and thought-provoking, and are especially relevant to our current economic situation.

As well, it offers many suggestions and examples of what a “Distributist” economy would look like.

In aggregate I view this book as very valuable.   I do believe that this book and its suggestions are (at the very least) worthy of serious contemplation.


The Special Note summarizes my overall thoughts about our economic situation

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