Milton Friedman “Free to Choose” Videos – The Complete Set

Milton Friedman’s entire “Free to Choose” PBS television series of 1980 is listed below:

Volume 1 of 10: “Power of the Market”

Volume 2 of 10:  “The Tyranny Of Control”

Volume 3 of 10:  “Anatomy of a Crisis”

Volume 4 of 10:  “From Cradle to Grave”

Volume 5 of 10:  “Created Equal”

Volume 6 of 10:  “What’s Wrong With Our Schools?”

Volume 7 of 10: “Who Protects the Consumer?”

Volume 8 of 10: “Who Protects the Worker?”

Volume 9 of 10:  “How to Cure Inflation”

Volume 10 of 10: “How to Stay Free”

A summary of my thoughts:

The above “Free to Choose” television series is notable in many regards.  First, it is different than the book of the same title, although both contain similar themes.  As such, one can’t, and shouldn’t, be substituted for another.  The television series is particularly valuable as it shows the emphasis of Milton Friedman’s wording in ways the book can’t.  Second, the television series is valuable as each episode has Milton’s presentation for the first half of the hour, followed by a half-hour moderated debate on the topic among Milton and a distinguished group of others.  Many of those in the debates hold opinions in direct contrast to those espoused by Friedman.  As such, one gets a wide-ranging discussion of the issues from multiple viewpoints.

While I disagree with various of  Milton Friedman’s beliefs and conclusions he has either stated in “Free to Choose” or elsewhere, in aggregate I view his work as very valuable.   I do believe that his suggestions are (at the very least) worthy of serious contemplation.

Some may dismiss Milton Friedman’s work as (at least partially) irrelevant as he was most active decades ago.   However, if one analyzes the topics of his work, one will notice that his focus was one of tremendous relevance to today’s economic situation.  I would say that his work has never had greater relevance.

I plan on referencing certain of his comments and work in future commentary.  I have previously done so in a May 16 2010 blog post.


A Special Note concerning our economic situation is found here

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