Food Bank Article

On October 30 The Chicago Tribune had an article titled “Trying to keep up with hunger.”  The article was about food assistance provided by the Northern Illinois Food Bank, of which Dennis Smith is executive director and CEO.

There are some interesting (and disturbing) passages in the article.  Here are a few:

“‘The number of people visiting the 525 food pantries, soup kitchens and youth locations across the region has gone up 35 percent from a year ago,’ Smith said.”

“‘Hunger is exploding in northern Illinois and the small agencies are being hit harder than ever before,’ Smith said.”

“‘A lot of the people we’re seeing today have never been to a food pantry before,’ he [Smith] said during the Oct. 22 tour.”


The last quote shown above further reinforces a trend that I commented upon in a July 15 post.  I called this trend the “first time of adversity” effect, a very important concept.  Here is that July 15 post:


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