Danger In The Markets? Part II

Before displaying some charts of the stock market, I would like to post a couple of the Japanese Yen.  My comment of September 14 is relevant today:

“Additionally, is it not odd, on an “all things considered” basis, that the Japanese Yen is rising at what appears to be an increasing rate?  This rise commenced in mid-2007, as seen below:”

Here is the 5-year daily chart of the Japanese Yen:

EconomicGreenfield Yen Daily 11-3-09

Chart Courtesy of StockCharts.com


Here is the 1-year daily chart.  As one can see, there may be a Cup and Handle chart pattern forming from early 2009:

EconomicGreenfield Yen Daily 1 yr 11-3-09

 Chart Courtesy of Stockcharts.com


Now onto Part III…


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SPX at 1040.14 as this post is written