New Article: “America’s Trojan Horse”

I just posted a new article titled “America’s Trojan Horse.”  The subtitle is “A Different Look At The National Debt.”  It can be found under the “Pages” section along the right-hand side, as well as at this link:

The article goes well with many of the themes presented on this blog, including Sustainable Prosperity, America’s Economic Future, and the overall quality of decision making in policy.

Please let me know of any comments.

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1 thought on “New Article: “America’s Trojan Horse””

  1. Ted Kavadas:
    I agree with your article “America’s Trojan Horse” from start to finish. Thank you! It makes it clear that though America’s founding fathers were intellectuals the politicians who American citizens have been hiring to represent them through elections are not. Politician’s who have been hired by the citizens of America to represent them have become less concerned with wisely helping people sustain their freedom. Instead Politician’s have become more concerned with greedily sustaining the power and control they exercise over the citizens who elected them.
    David G. Maskalick, Ph.D.
    President and CEO
    BiotecConnect, Inc.

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