Perverse Effects

I saw this story in The Wall Street Journal a few days ago, titled “The New Resume: Dumb and Dumber”

It says a lot about our current economic climate when people feel compelled to understate their credentials in order to appear more attractive for available positions.

While it is unknown as to how widespread this type of behavior is, it is nonetheless significant and telling.  We do know for a fact that there is a significant problem with “underemployment” in this country – and by “underemployment” I am speaking of the generalized concept, not how the government officially classifies, and measures, it.

Without writing a long paper on this subject, I will summarize by saying that in the “larger scheme of things”, this type of seemingly perverse behavior of understating credentials hints of an “economic brownfield” environment.

For those unaware of the “economic brownfield” concept, here is my article on the subject:

America’s Economic Future – ‘Greenfield’ or ‘Brownfield’

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