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Comment – Special

As you will notice, much of my blog posts and writings point to a difficult and painful future resolve to our economic difficulties, or at least sound a cautionary note with regard to actions that have and/or will be taken to improve our economic problems.  These opinions are based upon my analysis of the economy.

There can be no assurances that my analysis, and resulting views, are correct.  In fact, most of the professional economic and financial community, Federal Reserve, and politicians have provided forecasts and analyses that currently point to an economy that is at or near “bottom”, with the worst damage behind us.  This conclusion is in sharp, dichotomous contrast with the conclusions I have drawn.

In many ways, I wish my analysis proves completely incorrect, and that we are well on our way to Sustainable Prosperity.

A note about politicians and government officials 

Occasionally I mention politicians and government officials by name.   I am of the opinion that our current economic difficulties have not been caused by one, or even a few politicians.  Many have inherited very difficult situations.

Recently, I heard a political commentator say that he felt as if most politicians have a genuine interest in providing benefit to the country.  I would like to believe that is the case.

this page written on June 1, 2009; SPX at 942.87