Monetary Policy And The U.S. Dollar

As those familiar with this blog know, I am very concerned about the vulnerability of the U.S. Dollar to a substantial decline.  I have written extensively about this situation. On November 12, Macroeconomic Advisers had a blog post from Larry Meyer that discussed monetary policy (focused on QE2) and the U.S. Dollar.  While I don’t … Read more Monetary Policy And The U.S. Dollar

Market Overview – Part II: U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen & Gold

(this is the second in a series of five posts concerning the markets) I would like to start by featuring a couple of long-term charts of the U.S. Dollar. U.S. Dollar weakness is a foremost concern of mine.  As such, I have extensively written about it.  I am very concerned that the actions being taken … Read more Market Overview – Part II: U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen & Gold

The Value Of The Dollar – Since 1913

In the November 25, 2009 post I commented upon how Ron Paul has repeatedly mentioned that the dollar has lost over 95% of its purchasing power since the founding of The Federal Reserve in 1913. This fact lacks recognition, as does its implications and consequences. Recently I came across a feature on the Minneapolis Federal … Read more The Value Of The Dollar – Since 1913

The US Dollar

On January 13 I wrote the following blog post concerning the overall situation of the US Dollar: In that post, I wrote that there appeared to be few if any signs that a severe US Dollar decline was impending. However, the situation has changed.  When viewed from a technical analysis perspective, US Dollar seems … Read more The US Dollar

Treasury Secretary Geithner’s Comments

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was on “This Week” on Sunday and made various comments.  Here is the link: I could make a lot of comments regarding this interview. However, I would like to focus on this one exchange: TAPPER: The Congress just voted to raise the debt ceiling to more than $14 trillion dollars. … Read more Treasury Secretary Geithner’s Comments

US Dollar and S&P500 Comments

Here are two charts that I find notable. The first is the daily chart of the US Dollar.  I have added the 50-day moving average.  As one can see, the trend seems to be “up.”  This increase, if sustained, will pressure the US Dollar carry trade and that would likely have an outsized negative impact on various markets: … Read more US Dollar and S&P500 Comments