Average Hourly Earnings Trends

I have written many blog posts concerning the worrisome trends in income and earnings.

Along these lines, one of the measures showing disconcerting trends is that of hourly earnings.

While the concept of hourly earnings can be defined and measured in a variety of ways, below are a few charts that I believe broadly illustrate problematic trends.

The first chart depicts average hourly earnings for Total Private Employees (current value $23.52) :

(click on chart to enlarge image)(chart last updated 9-7-12)

This next chart depicts the average hourly earnings for Total Private Employees on a Percentage Change From A Year Ago basis.  While not totally surprising, I find the decline from 2009 and subsequent trend to be disconcerting:

There are slightly different measures available from a longer-term perspective.   These next charts are from Doug Short’s blog post of September 12 titled “Average Hourly Earnings:  Deciphering Historical Trends.”

First, another measure (FRED series AHETPI) on a Percentage Change From A Year Ago basis:

And the measure on a “real” basis:

I will continue to actively monitor these trends, especially given the post-2009 dynamics.


The Special Note summarizes my overall thoughts about our economic situation

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