Another Story Concerning Homeless Children

Last night, “60 Minutes” ran a segment on homeless children.   (A transcript is found at this link.)

Of course, the overall concept of homeless children, as well as children suffering from (economic) adversity, is sad and disconcerting.  The video is disturbing.

One line from the segment is especially notable:

“We all hear about the recovery – that the recession ended in 2009 – but some things are getting worse before they get better. And child poverty is one of them.”

As mentioned in many past blog posts, many measures of poverty and economic adversity have worsened significantly since the official (as defined by the NBER) end of the recession, June 2009.  This dichotomy is disconcerting, and deserves both greater recognition as well as rectification.

As I wrote in my September 9, 2009 post:

“…I think it is important to have stories and statistics concerning poverty and misfortune published on a more frequent basis.  While they are certainly disheartening, it is far better to have awareness of the trends and circumstances regarding poverty and related issues than to be ignorant of them, and pretend they don’t exist.”

A Special Note concerning our economic situation is found here

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