Alan Greenspan “Takes On His Critics”

The March 1 edition of Fortune Magazine has an article titled “Alan Greenspan Fights Back.”  The link is found here.

I found the article interesting for a variety of reasons. As the article mentions, rarely has Greenspan addressed his purported culpability in creating the housing bubble and its accompanying impact on the economy.

Greenspan’s tenure at The Federal Reserve is most fascinating.  One aspect of this is how his performance was perceived over time.  Throughout most of his tenure he was effusively lauded (i.e. “The Maestro”) – but this widespread acclaim has been (severely) tarnished over the last decade.

As the Fortune article says, “Four years after leaving the Fed as the Greatest Central Banker Ever, the longest-serving chairman, the Maestro, Alan Greenspan is the designated goat.”

As the article indicates, Greenspan is preparing a 12,000-word article in his defense.  I look forward to seeing this article and analyzing his argument.

As far as Greenspan’s performance and actions are concerned, I do not believe there has been an accurate assessment yet provided.

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