The State of the Union Address – A Few Comments

I found plenty of noteworthy comments in last night’s State of the Union Address.   Here is the link to the transcript:

Here are a couple of my thoughts:

First, many stimulus initiatives were mentioned.  Some of these were new ideas.  That stimulus ideas are proliferating should not be a surprise, as many in our country believe they represent a sensible solution to our many economic difficulties.   I will comment on many of these initiatives when more details are available and/or they are enacted.  For now, I will say that before we, as a nation, enact more stimulus bills, we need to analyze the results of the many stimulus efforts previously and currently enacted.  Then, we need to assess the unintended consequences and risks these stimulus efforts hold, of which I have previously mentioned on this blog.

Second, the employment situation was mentioned.  This, of course, is not a surprise and is a very popular topic among all politicians – and for very good reason.

President Obama during the speech last night made the following comment:

“But the truth is, these steps won’t make up for the seven million jobs that we’ve lost over the last two years.”

I believe that our unemployment problems, both current and ongoing, encompass a population many multiples of seven million.   Our unemployment problems will most likely not be solved by any easily enacted solution, unfortunately.

For those unaware, I previously wrote a series of blog posts on unemployment, can be found here:

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